Let’s talk about sin

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Back in October, I wrote an article entitled, Is a sinless life possible? Needless to say, it stirred up quite the conversation. Especially when I said my simple answer to that question is yes, I believe it’s possible.

I’m not trying to convince you of anything. We are all the stewards of our own hearts. I’m not here to go 12 rounds debating this either. That is pointless and a waste of time. My blog is about things I believe and how I live my life. It’s okay if you think I’m wrong. I’ts okay if you want to call me a heretic or accuse me of blasphemy. None of that changes my beliefs or the fact that I love you.

When I read the Scriptures, especially when it comes to sin, I always do the if/why thing. Let me give you some examples.

If it’s impossible to live a…

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Reflection for GE2153 – Week 13

Hello & good evening, everyone! 🙂 How were days and weeks? Alright, this is my final reflection for Educational Technology course, GE2153. It almost come to an end… frankly speaking, it was really fun having this subject as one of the requirements for this semester! Even though it was quite challenging at times, I believe that no knowledge is worth nothing. Therefore, I would want to specially thank Dr Rosseni, Kak Ana, Kak Aieda and the rest of my classmates for every single thing that you guys have shared with me, be it directly or indirectly. Throughout the learning process, I have learned a bit about the techniques on creating a video, the skills, proper shots, angles and what not. Besides, I even created an unintentional interest in making posters! Hehe. I never knew that I would be able to create well.. umph, not awesome, but good enough. Haha ^^ moving on, I am feeling terribly sad because I won’t be able to be at the EduTechnovation Day that will be held tomorrow (Saturday) as I am already at my hometown. Ticket was long bought the moment Dr mentioned many weeks back that we aren’t gonna have any class on the final week (week 14th). Therefore, I couldn’t make it for the event tomorrow morning. Nonetheless, from the bottom of my heart, I wish my group mates & the others the very best of luck and I am sure that they’ll nail it!! 😀 once again, million thanks to Dr Rosseni and our facilitators! Much love from me and I hope to see you all again in the next semester 🙂 thank you.

Video: ‘Words Matter’

Poster: Presentation3



Reflection for GE2153 – Week 12



Reflection for GE2153 – Week 12 

Hello! 🙂 How are you all doing? Week 12 has passed… we did not have EdTech class for this week as Dr. Rosseni wanted to give us some more time to improve and do some editing for our video production. As I have mentioned before, my team are doing a video called ‘Words Matter.’ We did a few drafts for our video, but there were still a lot of shortcomings and therefore, we need to reedit it again for better results. I am actually very glad that Dr gave us this opportunity of not having a class last Friday because we used up that time/week to work on our video.

We have done some re-shooting last two weeks for a few scenes (to be more precise, a few more spontaneous scenes) because the previous ones weren’t that clear, and were mostly shaky. This time around, we did some changes for the transitions in the video, and put up some more meaningful messages inside. Our aim is to ensure that the people are able to get the message clearly (about how words can actually cause more pain than we may know). Therefore, we hope that our video is able to give a sense of awareness to the people out there. I am so happy in fact, to have this class with Dr Rosseni as I learned so many new things (techniques, editing skills etc) from my team members. However, it would be so much better if we could have a special class whereby we are taught with other benefiting skills (preferred software and what not) on how to make our video a more bombastic one! Hmm. It’s okay. Finals are just around the corner, let’s finish up our video production, and give our very best for the poster & examinations!! 😀



Reflection for GE2153 – Week 11



Reflection for GE2153 – Week 11

Hello, greetings to all! 🙂 So, this week is a week for improvements and modifications of our video production. Therefore, we do not have a class with Dr Rosseni. Hmmm! I am glad cause at least we have all the time in the world to edit what is necessary and perhaps even come up with new brilliant ideas. And we did! Hehe 😀 my teammates and I, we did some shooting for our video production on Thursday (27/11/14) at PPBL. It was so much better this time around! I am glad we were all there to make it happen, and more interesting when we got some support and cooperation from our classmates as well ^^

We did mistakes and thus we had to repeat the same actions for so many times, but that is how it’s supposed to be indeed in order to get the perfect shot! 😉 I had so much fun recording the scenes as it were mostly hilarious hahaha 😀 well, we used up about almost two hours for all that. And it was worthhh it! Can’t wait to see the results, and I hope it would be so much better from the last ones. 🙂



Reflection for GE2153 – Week 10



Reflection for GE2153 – Week 10

Shalom 🙂 so what happened in the class today?? Well well well.. we presented our sneak peak of the video that we’ve made so far, not the complete one as it is an ongoing process. Most of them did very well, and I was really impressed by one of the groups’ video, which was Azrulshafik and the gang’s video. It was really awesome, cool, superb and whatever you name it! 😀 I was AMAZED, really. However, let’s focus on my team! Hehe. Alright, so I gotta admit that we didn’t do much preparation as most of our teammates were pretty busy with the election especially, college activities and so on. Therefore, we didn’t really put much effort on the video and I am truly sorry for that. But now, there shall be no more excuses as we’re gonna give our very best and put our tremendous efforts into the video for our final assessment. I really do not want to disappoint anyone especially Dr, and the other facilitators. To make this possible, it requires our commitment, time, energy, effort, ideas, and brainstorming. Or else, things would all go wrong. I am glad I have my teammates and that we could tolerate one another and do things together as one! 🙂



Reflection for GE2153 – Week 8



Reflection for GE2153 – Week 8

Greetings! Week eight has passed; time flies so fast. Should I be happy or sad? Hehe ^^ alright, first and foremost.. I would like to say that… I had so much fun during the previous class! I can’t help but feel so happy upon seeing the cooperation among my team members for EdTech. Dr Rosseni was there together with the rest of our facilitators! Guess what? We were given a mahjong paper for each group to present our storyboard. In addition to that, we were also provided with color pens, sticky notes, marker pens etc to make our storyboard as creative and interesting as possible. In the meantime, Dr also did something for us! ARGHHH I felt so much joy given the ‘nasi lemak’ for breakfast. HAHA 😛 coincidentally, I did not take any breakfast that morning so I was feeling pretty hungry to be honest. Heh heh. The ‘nasi lemak’ was undeniably delish! I WANT MORE >.< okay stop. Let’s not go too far.. *chuckles* we quickly finish up our story board.. Nik did almost all the drawings, Erica and I did the cuttings of the letters, while Ammar helped to color and decorate the story board. Hehe. Unfortunately, Aine was absent, thus she could not help out and have fun with us! 😦 well well well…. when we’re finally done, Dr called all the groups to come up in the front and present our story board. Yep, it was a bit difficult for us to put entirely on what we are going to do for our video production on the mahjong paper because what we’re going to do is some sort like a documentary.. it’s about capturing people’s facial expression or reaction(s) without them knowing. I hope we’ll be able to produce a magnificent video where people would understand what we’re trying to convey across on “Words Matter.” Before the class ended, Dr briefed us a bit on what we should be doing. We are expected to continue with our story board to enhance further creativity or skills, and also start recording for our video as much as we could before we proceed with the editing. Frankly speaking, I definitely look forward to start making the video with the rest of my group members! 🙂 I hope everything will go on smoothly.




Reflection for GE2153 – Week 7



Reflection – Week 7

Greetings. Prof! Woah, I had a good break! Hehe but now, it’s time to get back on track and do whatever need to be done. So, we had a class last Friday with Kak Ana. First and foremost, she told us about the need to submit the form (attached links of our individual & group wordpress) online so Prof could have easy access to it. Later, Kak Ana told and encouraged us to join the competition held by UiTM as it would really be a good exposure to many of us. To my surprise, there were a few individuals who would care to join the competition and give it a shot! Unfortunately, I am not one of them 😛 hehe because truth be told, I am still lack of knowledge and experience/skills to be doing all that. I hope someday I would have the courage and confidence to submit my name as one of the participants. 🙂 next, we talked about the progress of each group’s video production and Kak Ana emphasized on the need to have a story board and a draft of what we’ve already planned to do. So, every group presented in front and explained about our objective(s) etc. I am glad Kak Ana and the gang found that our (my group members and I) storyline (documentary) is interesting! Well, I really do hope that we’d be able to produce a quality and effective video production 😀 before the clock strikes twelve, Faiz came in front to show/share some of his knowledge or skills on adobe photoshop. Truly, I find that it was kind of ineffective. This is because we did not have the software with us, hence we couldn’t practice or try it on our own. We only managed to hear him speak and show to us the sample/icon(s) of the adobe photoshop using an image, because he did not have the software with him as well on that day. Therefore, I couldn’t understand fully what he was trying to say or explain to us. Nevertheless, I believe that I could learn something new on my own perhaps through YouTube, or with the help of my other friends. Heee ^^ so long for now. Thank you!



Reflection for GE2153 – Week 6



Reflection – Week 6

Well well well… guess what happened last Saturday? WE HAD A FIELD TRIP TO PENANG, woots!! 😀 yep, my classmates and I went to Penang by bus. Its purpose was to Wow, guess what… it was an extremely knackered 6 long hours journey. Haha. Nevertheless, we had so much fun! That was mainly because our dear classmate, Azroy and his gangs who sang pretty melodious despite having turned on the music while on the bus. Frankly speaking, before the journey began, I was a bit terrified because we were leaving at night; by bus. It was almost midnight when we left. Hmmm… but any negative thoughts shall be cast out from my mind. Haha. So, we arrived in Penang at about 0600hrs. The bus then stopped at the mosque nearby for the Muslims’ morning prayer. After that, we freshen up and good to go! 🙂 our first stop was at the Mamak restaurant to have our breakfast. Beforehand, the bus kept turning the same route all around for almost half an hour because there was no parking. Later, we had our breakfast and some started taking pictures already. Long story short, our real journey began where we were brought to a few interesting places throughout the day; places where we could take beautiful pictures of buildings and nature perhaps.

1) Kapitan Keling Mosque, Penang


2) Han Jiang Ancestral Temple, Penang


3) St. George’s Church, Penang


4) Fort Cornwallis, Penang


Interesting places, isn’t it? 🙂 it was my first time in Penang & I enjoyed it! Sadly, we didn’t get to really interact w our dear Prof Rosseni due to the time constraint, and that we were most all scattered around taking pictures w our group members. Haha. However, I really hope that Prof did enjoy the trip w TESLians batch 2013/2014. It was such a great experience as we get to enhance and fix our photography skills as well. Can’t wait to be editing the pictures taken from various angles respectively! See you when I see you again, 😉



Reflection for GE2153 – Week 5


CPD_ACPE_logoReflection – Week 5 

Hi, all!

How have you been doing? 🙂 here, I would like to update on my reflection for week 4 (10/10/14). Prof Rosseni was there to assist and brief us on our upcoming field trip to Penang (18/10/14). It has been a while since I last seen Prof Rosseni, I guess. Hehe so it was really good to be able to see her last Friday! Well, Prof mentioned about the purpose (s) of our field trip the next week. I was pretty excited mainly because I have never been to Penang. Besides, I was also thrilled to go on a journey to Penang by bus with my dearest classmates. First, we were told that UITM is organizing a Photography & Digital Manipulation Competition on the 14th & 15th of November (so soon!) Thus, Prof encouraged all of us to join and enhance our photography skills beforehand. I believe that it would not only give benefits for us to be able to join that competition, but it would definitely help us a lot in producing good photographs and perhaps a quality video for our EdTech assignment(s). Besides looking forward to getting our skills improved, I am also looking ahead to have a better communication and understanding among our classmates. It is gonna be such an ideal time to share our knowledge and may conceivably exchange ideas or skills that one already have. Oh! Prior to this class, we were told that Prof couldn’t join us for the field trip because she has got some unfinished business. I was literally shocked upon hearing that news. Nevertheless, she brought some good news for us during class! PROF IS COMING WITH US. Again I say, PROF IS COMING ALONG! Hehehe. Despite her busy schedule, she is trying so hard to make time for us; she wants to experience the field trip together with her students yay! I was really happy to hear that she’d be coming with us 🙂 thank you, Prof. We’re sorry if it’s due to us that you couldn’t settle or probably delay your work 😛 hehe. Well I guess, that’s all for now. I’ll see you next week! 😉

Video Production

We have been divided into several groups. My group members and I stayed for a while to discuss about our video assignment after class (Aine, Nik, Erica, Ammar & I). So many brilliant ideas were poured out especially from the guys even though they often do the work at the eleventh hour. Haha. There were a few suggestions that were taken into account. I have submitted our proposal for the video production to Prof. However, there might be some changes to it. We’ll see how it goes! 😀